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Trump suggests Obama didn’t call families of fallen soldiers

During an impromptu Rose Garden  press conference on Monday, President Trump appeared to criticize his predecessors for not calling the families of soldiers who had died on their watch. When asked about U.S. soldiers who were killed in an ambush attack by extremists in Niger, Mr. Trump told reporters that he had written them personal letters, and would

Florida state of emergency declared for white nationalist

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Citing past clashes and protests, Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Monday declared a state of emergency in advance of a speech white nationalist Richard Spencer is scheduled to give at the University of Florida.   The state's Republican governor warned in an executive order Monday that a "threat of a potential emergency

Trump mocks Pence, says he ‘wants to hang’ all gay people

President Donald Trump reportedly has poked fun at his right-hand man for his socially conservative views. That's according to a New Yorker profile of Vice President Mike Pence published online and slated for the magazine's Oct. 23 issue. Pence reportedly declined requests from The New Yorker for interviews for the story, written by Jane Mayer and titled "The Danger

US, Israel to exit UNESCO over its alleged anti-Israel bias

The United States announced Thursday it is pulling out of the U.N.'s educational, scientific and cultural agency because of what Washington sees as its anti-Israel bias and a need for "fundamental reform" in the agency. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel plans to follow suit. While the Trump administration had been preparing for a

Trump defends throwing paper towels to Puerto Ricans

President Trump defended tossing paper towels into a crowd at a church in Puerto Rico last week. Trump said in an interview with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) Saturday that media coverage of his trip to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria was unfair, using the incident during which he tossed the paper towels as an