Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are back together and we’re happy!

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Harry Styles and Taylor Swift maintained a short relationship sentimental that made waters shake by the media pressure, or that have made us believe.

The truth is that there are many fans who keep hoping to return someday. It's like the story of Selena and Justin or Chenoa and Bisbal (the latter is not so clear after the confession of the book).

And if love is not possible, maybe a collaboration would quench the thirst of their fans to see them together again. And that's where there are news because it has begun to spread the rumor that they could share the stage.

According to Seventeen, fans have come up with a Chinese memorandum which states that Taylor Alison Swift and Harry Edward Styles have asked for permission to play four songs each next November 20 in Shanghai (which in China this permits its complication).

It is not specified where they would act but it is easy to tie cables. That's where the media's Victoria's Secret parade is going to be filmed this year, the most desired angels on the face of the earth.

A parade that in addition to beauties and new designs of lingerie exposed to the big, also has artists of first row to enliven the show on the catwalk.

This year it has not been confirmed yet who will be responsible for putting music to the parade but many are convinced, discovered this document, that could be Taylor and Harry what, if so, would be a real bomb.

Recall that in 2015 shared the same runway Selena Gomez and The Weeknd that are now a couple. Will there be any Cupid between so much angel that throws his arrows, again, on this pair?

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