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Over the years, this question has been asked and the answer can be seen in our everyday lives. Although it is often argued that since technology has come into existence, things have been a lot easier, notwithstanding we cannot neglect the fact that technology has done a lot of harm over the years since its existence.

Below are four (4) negative effects of technology all around the world

1. Laziness

The need to be hardworking in life has been eradicated since the advent of technology, especially in youths. People now procrastinate and stay completely dependent on technology to do everything for them which has its own socio-cultural consequences. Although technology makes work easier and faster, it doesn't change the fact that it promotes laziness and procrastination. Our youths are not as hardworking and enthusiastic as they used to be since the technology arrived which has side effects on the environment.

2. Crime

The rate of crime has gone astronomically high in this century. In the olden days, the crime rate is considerably low. Even if you're contemplating on stealing or committing any other form of crime, the fear of getting caught in the act will discourage you from engaging in such activities. One of the side effects of technology is cyber-crime. It is pathetic to hear that someone hacked into another person’s account and transferred money away from it without getting caught or traced which is a rampant situation law enforcers try to deal with on daily basis.

3. Terrorism

This is the most unfortunate aftermath of technology. Before the arrival of technology, terrorism is quite hard to do as you will need very scarce resources before you can pull it off. Now, terrorism is quite easy once you have the proper technology to carry it out. The use of biochemical weapons, nuclear weapons, machine guns, bombs and the likes all came into existence because of the advancement in technology in our society. So many leading countries boast of their nuclear weapons and threaten themselves with it. The use of these weapons is catastrophic when it is in the wrong hands which are why we have cases of terrorism and vandalism all around the world.

4. Only favours the rich

Not everyone can afford the latest technology trending at a particular point in time. Due to this, there is a various level of oppression and deprivation which inevitably leads to depression especially to those that are not financially buoyant enough to keep up with the latest technology.

Although the merits of technology cannot be over-emphasized, the fact still remains that it has corresponding negative effects on everyone all around the globe.

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