The broke-up between Jennifer Aniston (49) and Justin Theroux (46) shouldn’t be a surprise for their friends!

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They broke up earlier this year and they’ve not seen together since. “To avoid more speculations, we decided to publish our brake-up,” said Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at February 15th through their personal speaker. Many weeks before, the relationship of the Hollywood couple was assumed to be in danger and it was politely and unfortunately true.

Some people assume that Jennifer isn't thinking about dating either' as other outlets insist she has rekindled her relationship with ex-husband Brad Pitt.

But what led them to this decision?

Since they did this the reasons for this topic are discussed. Some say that the broke up between Jennifer’s ex-husband Brad Pitt (53) and his divorce to his male Angelina Jolie (42) was the trigger for the split. Some think that Justin got to close to his college Emma Stone (29) on the set of the TV series “Maniac”.

Both say that the branch of trust is not the reason. They wish the best for each other and Jennifer told us that she and her still-husband are still familiar and will be in contact anyways.

They’re different

But while the fans of the couple are deeply sad about the quick decision of the dream couple on social media, this was not as unforeseeable for the nearer friends of them. Like an insider said to the press, Jen and Justin went different ways for a long time now.

While the 49 years old woman has her home in Los Angeles is Justin more gravitated to his own hometown New York. He has never given up his apartment there so they had lived separated in their relationship as well. The last appearance of both was in summer 2017. With the progress of this, Jennifer’s urge to independence increased rapidly. As we can see the relationship had its good sides too. A friend of her mentioned that she had grown on this. “She is much more confident. She’s doing what she likes and follows her own interests and goals.”

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