The horrifying death of the kid who starred in the first ‘IT’

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Those who have been children noveners marked by the cinema and horror series, will locate this face perfectly:

Jonathan Brandis gave birth to Bill Denbrough, the child leader of the Losers Club in the IT miniseries of 1990.

The most impassioned filmmakers will also spot him for his role as Bastian Bux in The Endless Story 2, which was also released in 1990, while film connoisseurs of Chuck Norris know that he personified Barry Grabewski in Sidekicks, 1992.

After leading the cast of two successful products released in the same year, and acting alongside one of the icons of the martial arts cinema, it seemed that Brandis would be Hollywood's next youthful sensation.

At age 17 he joined the cast of the series seaQuest DSV and then his star status reached the pinnacle. But, being fame one of the most shaky axes of Hollywood, Brandis saw how suddenly his career began to crumble.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Brandis appeared in products that absolutely no one remembers, but then came his perfect opportunity to be reborn in Hollywood: act in Defense of Honor (2002), starring Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell.

Brandis had all hope in that production, but never realized that the filmmakers would reduce their interventions in the editing room.

The young man entered into depression to see that his performance had been minimized to almost nothing, and began to drink without control.

His relatives said that when he was drunk, he insisted that one day he would end his life.

In the early hours of November 11, 2003, Brandis hanged herself in her Los Angeles apartment. He was found still alive and the paramedics transferred him to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he died a day later because of the injuries caused by the hanging.

Brandis died at age 27 and did not leave a suicidal note.

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