The Jungle (2017) Daniel Radcliffe Trailer

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The British actor Daniel Radcliffe is known for his performance of the wizard boy named Harry Potter it’s looking for takeoff that image and it's very close to premiere his next film named “The Jungle”.

The tape it is based on the best seller written by Yossi Ghinsberg published in 1993, in this book Ginsberg narrates their story about a trip next to his friends to the Amazon jungle in 1981. “Jungle” it's described as a movie based on real events and also as a suspense, action, adventure and drama movie.

However the destiny will change and the trip, who looks like a pleasure trip will become in a torture, when this young with 22 years old and his friends will meet Karl Ruprecht, this guy ensures to know the jungle area, but as a result they end lost inside the Amazon jungle (exactly in Bolivia) and they have to survive and front facing all the danger and hard things inside a place they don´t know. Nowadays this place it is now as Madidi’s Parks.

Besides all this, Ghinberg (in the skin of Daniel Radcliffe) lost the trail of his friends after a boat accident, in this time the Ginsberg life become onto a psychological Calvary, scary at dead and the only one who Daniel will have in his mind will survive to all the threats of the darkest and the scariest elements of human nature.

The movie it is based in the 80’s so you can imagine that all the communications that we have today don't exist, mobile phones, the internet, they don´t exist. So watch this movie based on a real fact will be really very interesting. The place chosen for the filming was Australia and Colombia. The shooting was carried out between March and April for 2016.

Radcliffe tells during an interview that shooting inside the jungle was all a challenge, both for the team and for the filming team, but despites all the intensity of the shooting it was a great, incredible and super funny experience. As a funny fact, Daniel has to lost pounds for this movie and the actor commented that inside the hard and long days of shooting he didn’t eat, due to that he needs to be really very focused and metalized.

Watch trailer :

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It is not the first time that Daniel Radcliffe starred a movie with a forest set, in Swiss Army Man, the British actor interpreted a corpse who goes with a castaway on a deserted island.

Inside the cast, we have the actors: Alex Russell, JoeJackson y Thomas Kretschmann, Jacek Koman, Lily Sullivan, Nelson Camayo and Lucho Velasco.The film will be directed by Greg McLean and was written by Justin Monjo

The director of the films is waiting that the locality of Rurrenabaque and San José of Uchupiamonas also Parque Madidi rise up the visits after the premiere of the film. As Happened after the release of the Ginsberg book

The premier of this movie was the last month in the Melbourne International Film festival, due to that actually we can see the trailer on line. The movie will be arriving in the theatres all around the world very soon.

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