The NVIDIA GTX 2000 series has been finally announced !

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NVIDIA GTX 2000 series powered by Ampere GA104 chips will be launched this April

As a news leak from trusted resources claim that current gen Pascal GPUs have been discontinued, and the GTX 2000 series is powered by Ampere chips not by Volta chips as it was with the last gen.

After the big success that the last gen of NVIDIA GPUs (1000 family) which were dominating the markets in 2016-2017, And after the new release of AMD The RX 500 series, NVIDIA seems to attend making serious suspense in the world of gaming GPUs by releasing its new gen ( The GTX 2000 family) .

The NVIDIA GTX 2080 has been announced and I'm still using gt 610:). Despite We are still amazed by the power of the GTX 1080 and GTX 1080t ti ,And not to mention the Titan x which is considered as an enthusiast card by NVIDIA ,  and what performance they have given , But we still hungry for more, because in tech world there could be nothing lasts satisfying us for so long, especially gamers. So the rumors claim that the new generation of GTX will be launched April 2018, I'm not sure if all gamers will like that because they will be extremely expensive, there is a rumor that NVIDIA has declared that it will be 1,500 USD for the GTX 2080.

But The power of those new GPUs is over needed in 2018 at least, So the owners of GTX 1080, 1070 or even GTX 980 and 970 won't have to upgrade and can have a proper good frame rate with really high graphics quality with their old cards. But of course, the upcoming gen will have features that no card had before and that what we are going to see this April if the rumors were true.

Unlike the 1000 serious most analysts were lead to believe that the GTX 2000 family would turn out to be based on modified Volta chips. The latest 3DCenter rumors, however, indicate that the GTX 2000 GPUs will include the Ampere GA104 chips, but then again it is not clear if these are derived from the Volta architecture or they are just  Pascal (Gp102) refreshes.

Due to that, We could see a release of a new version of Directx (Directx 13)! wow, that should be unlikely crazy, because the Directx 12 which was released in July 29, 2015, for win 10 and Xbox 1 wasn't really needed in many games already, most games still require the Directx11. So once again Those expensive cards such as GTX 2080 won't be required to play such a fair games like Overwatch or Pubg on 1080p , because many old cards could do that job easily, as we saw with the GTX 1080 ti and Titan x  which had been made only to play heavy games like Final Fantasy XV on 4k (ultra high quality).

It seems like 2018 will be having much more of major changes in the tech world, not to mention that the NVIDIA GTC 2018 is due to take place this month on March 26. let's hope that prices won't be damn expensive.




 "NVIDIA Updates GPU Roadmap; Announces Pascal". The Official NVIDIA Blog.




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