The secret behind the insta-famous people [Inside instagram]

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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is confirmed by the impressive figures that indicate that this year will take more than 1.2 billion photos in the world. This has a direct impact on the number of users who use daily social photography networks such as Instagram, where millions of photographs are shared every minute.

The upward trend of sharing the photos of the best moments of your life with other users makes the cameras of the mobile gain more and more protagonism against other characteristics when choosing the one that will be your smartphone to get a better quality in your photos from the mobile you will then upload to these social networks.

Take a photo that is worth sharing. Instagram revolves around the photos, so taking a good photo will attract the attention of your followers. With practice, it will be easier for you to take great photos, edit them to have the best effect possible and thus have more "like". If you want to get the juice out of each one, make sure you do not post thousands of photos at one time, rather just limit yourself to publishing a few every day that you publish something.

Edit the photo. Instagram offers a few editing options: you can add blur effects, rotate it, increase its brightness or add a filter. Spending a little time editing a photo can make a "good" photo look "amazing." Of course, you should not exaggerate to the point that the photo looks so artistic that is unrecognizable, but a little editing can do a lot to get your photos get more attention.

Use hashtags. The hashtags allow you to mark a photo with the tags that are commonly searched for. Just put a numeral symbol (#) just before a tag that matches your photos. You can put up to 30 hashtags! These help the photos reach a larger audience and will be more likely to get more followers and more "I like."

Share your photos at optimum times. You should upload your photos when most people are more willing to see Instagram, because they will only be more active during the first few hours. Those hours are usually around lunch, when people get bored from work or after dinner. If you publish your photos very early, many will not see them, because they will be busy getting ready to go to work or wake up. However, if you post them too late, the others will be relaxing and getting ready to go to bed.

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