The ultimate guide everyone should read before going to college

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In one of the attempts of this modern era in which we live to design a new and more prosperous world, the French government created a calendar and placed the New Year in September. This has always caught my eye, and after twelve years in college over a decade in college, I have come to the conclusion that the September equinox is the true time of year for changes and new beginnings.

I offer you this treasure and I hope it will be useful, although I know you will not pay much attention because you will be between 18 and 21 years, which means that you are already the most intelligent people in the history of this planet.

It's okay if you have no idea what you're doing

You are so crushed with the idea that the university is good and essential for your future that perhaps you saturate thinking that you must discover and start your path before the end of the first semester because otherwise you are failing life. But that's not true. Your studies are obviously important, but looking at it from a more realistic perspective, they are not everything. So, take your time and open your range of possibilities so that you do not end up wasting time with something that you hate and that you are wrong.

Education is not synonymous with intelligence

Logically, there is a positive correlation between both concepts, but never think that a person's notes reflect their intelligence. Many intelligent people, for a variety of reasons, find it hard to get high marks, while some of the more fattened ones get better results. It may also be that you are an "inept nerd," that is, that you learn everything by heart without feeding your critical thinking, which is what makes it possible for you to acquire true knowledge and intellectual development. "The mind is not a vein to be filled, but a fire that must be fed."

There is undoubtedly an important distinction between being a critical thinker and an imbecile opponent. Education helps you understand that distinction, but getting a degree does not mean that you have understood it. Keep that in mind, idiots.


Go to class, for God's sake.

Look, there are many theories about attending class and getting good grades. At university, there is a realm of personal exploration where you carry out different activities to discover your crazy side and know how to carry with pride. These activities can include college parties, night marathons listening to horrible rock with your roommates, or small jobs in the university canteen to get drunk at one o'clock on a Tuesday, before going to a dirty basement to smoke marijuana and watch Kenny vs Spenny. All of these things are truly important to personal development.

But go to class, at least you should attend 70-80{87f6757ed5a2a501381e96df4c9f3a95e5041f34389cd1fe4c54dbd69b50d9cb} of them.

You will catch scurvy if you do not eat fruit or vegetables

This seems very obvious to anyone born after the seventeenth century, but it continues to happen because some of us (especially those teenagers who live without adult supervision) are idiots. Learn to cook. It is embarrassing when the doctor has to prescribe orange juice because you thought that just taking two packs of oat a day for several weeks would be a good diet to lose weight.

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