“There were children and people lying on the ground dying”: witnesses tell the horror of the massive shooting in Las Vegas [STRONG IMAGES]

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Witnesses say they listened to hundreds of shots for a long time, panicking among attendees at a country music concert held in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

The attack, one of the worst killings in recent US history, left at least 58 dead and 515 wounded. Police identified Stephen Paddock, 64, as the perpetrator of the massacre.

Shooting at a concert in Las Vegas, the worst in recent US history, leaves at least 50 dead and about 400 wounded
The worst massacres in the United States in the last 25 years
Logan Cruz, who was attending the event, said the shots began when the concert was just for the third song. At first he and his companion thought they were fireworks.


"Ten seconds later, the noise was repeated and we saw how the artists left the stage." Cruz tells the BBC.

"People started shouting 'Down to the ground!'" Says Liberty Psesser, who went to Cruz to the concert. "All we could hear were shots."

Cruz and her friend say they knew it was an attack, when they began to hear screams saying, "Run, you're recharging [the weapon]!"

According to the videos that circulate in social networks, the terror seized the scene: in them you see people running and shouting everywhere.

"There were children and people lying on the ground, trampled." says Cruz.

"I saw a girl completely covered in blood." Recalls in horror.

Briton Mike Thompson tells the BBC that he saw people running in terror.

"A man was completely covered with blood and there I knew that something serious was happening."

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