These are the hidden features of the new iOS 11!

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Following Apple's last presentation on September 12, many are hoping to try the latest version of Apple's bite apple operating system. Well, that's how the new Apple iOS 11 looks. In our review, we have discovered that the update adds a bit more customization, with a redesigned control center, a redesign of the App Store, along with more accessibility options.

The truth is that the new iOS 11 has a lot to do with attention to small details. With iOS 10, many of the improvements were more visual, such as animations through iMessage, enhanced 3D Touch, more organized Photo app, etc. But iOS 11 is more about rationalizing the user experience.

Overall, iOS 11 is not entertaining and fun with its main features. It has significantly improved the daily experience of the user. Although the changes are minor, it transforms the way in which we can use our devices. However, we will update this review when we have been able to test these features with the new Apple iPhone. Meanwhile, to download iOS 11 on your device on September 19th, simply go to Settings> General> Software Update. You may need to erase some data first to allow the update to be downloaded. Do not forget to back up to the cloud and make sure your device is compatible.

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