Things you should know about the new iPhone X that won’t make you want to buy it

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The problems of production of the iPhone X are not a novelty. Long before its presentation already indicated that the mobile could go on sale in a very limited way, and this was confirmed by Apple delaying its sale until November 3. Now we get new news that if you want to buy an iPhone X, you may not even get it this year.

Already after the presentation different analysts asserted that a lack of supply caused by the complications for its manufacture, especially related to the assembly of the OLED screen, would cause that to buy the most sophisticated of the smartphones of Apple will be really complicated during the next months. Although Apple promised to launch the iPhone X reservation program later this month and begin shipments on Nov. 3, Brightwire news agency has just stated through undisclosed sources that "Apple could delay sending the first million iPhone X to December ".

Of course, no official confirmation has been provided. November 3 is still the date when the first customers will get the iPhone X but the news coming from all fronts are not very hopeful for those who expect to buy an iPhone X as soon as the terminal reaches the stores.

Good news

Although we do not provide specific information about what is potentially causing the delay of the iPhone X, there are several reasons that could contribute to such a drastic decision, including the OLED screen that presumably the device. This new panel used in the iPhone X is one of the reasons responsible for the first delay in launching the terminal. If a second delay is confirmed, then Apple sales are likely to suffer a heavy blow, especially seen the failure of the iPhone 8 and the problems that operators have to sell it.

iPhone X

At least the fans of the brand have good news. Yesterday Apple received approval from the US Federal Communications Commission for iPhone X models, which means that the devices have passed all necessary tests and are authorized for sale.

However, being approved by the FCC does not ensure that millions of units can be purchased as of November 13. One thing is certain: one million units will not be enough to meet the initial demand and if the company runs out of stock after this long wait, more customers would be tempted to start looking for alternatives in the competition.

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