This 5 Special things boys always see in girls at first sight

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At the time of meeting with someone, every girl wants her image to be good in the eyes of other person. She always wants to look beautiful and pretty in front of others. So that other people get a better impression from her. And there is a question always in the minds of girls, what boys like in the girls? So without wasting time let's discuss what are the things that boys see in girls at first sight?

The boy first sees her face while meeting with any girl. The meaning of the face is not with its color but its gesture. Boys always like that girl whose face always remains a smile. Every boy likes to stay away from the angry girls.

Girls with glasses

Boys always like the girls with glasses as boys consider those girls as cute and good studious. Boys often feel that such girls will not like their(boys') friends. Boys also often hesitant to make friendship with such girls, but they like them so much.


The third thing is dress, which every boy definitely notes in girl. Boy notice that how much the girl is confident with her dress. If I am not wrong there is this saying that Indian boy wants his girlfriend to wear western dress and wife to wear Indian dress.


It is said that understanding girls is very difficult. It is also said that the eyes never lie. To know the nature of girls, boys often look up to their eyes and boys always like the doe-eyed girls so much.


The boys never like a over thin or fat girls. Over thin or fat girls do not seem attracted to any boy. In this way, girls with perfect figure-Not too thin and not too fat are the first choice of boys.

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