This Body parts that you should never shave

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Whenever we think of the word 'shaving', we imagine a man with a thick black beard with a shiny sharp razor. However, beards are not the only part of our body which we shave. Today we are going to discuss a couple of body parts which you should never shave to avoid the mentioned problems associated with it.

1. Hairline

In the year 2017, male fashion models introduced a new hairstyle to the world with sharp features. For the same, they decided to shave their front hairline to get a sharp and straight separation. The hairstyle do look appealing but it is difficult to maintain it. Once you shave the hair in the front to get a sharp line, they grow back in just a few days and they are way too small compared to the overall hair length. Which not only looks awkward but also takes too much time to get it back to normal. So never shave your hairline.

2. Unibrow

About 4 out of 10 people can grow a pretty solid unibrow and to get them separated is the necessary evil for 3 out of 4 people. However, many are unaware of the consequences and they decide to shave them off in the middle, but it raises more awkwardness. Once you separate your unibrow by shaving, the new growing strands appear to be tiny dots and soon turn out to be thick pointy hair in between in just a day or two. The best way to get rid of your unibrow is to go to a salon or just pluck the unwanted hair strands instead of shaving them.

3. Groin Area

Shaving your groin area is no crime. Most people prefer to clean them. However, shaving them may not only end up with heart pounding cuts but can also cause irritation later. After the shaving is done, the new hair grows out in a single day or two. Since they were cut off laterally, they become pointed and after attaining a half millimetre length, they start to cause itching which later on can turn into bacterial infection as well.

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