This fact about the new Miley Cyrus album won’t make you want to buy it!

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Miley Cyrus released her album 'Younger Now' today, Friday, September 29th. That is, after so much waiting this production arrives with new music where the singer returns to its roots that take it more to the country. 'Inspired' and 'Malibu' are topics that we already know and with which we note this return that Miley searches with 'Younger Now'.

And although as any change is a risk, this is a commitment that Miley has known how to lead and which are presenting great results. 'Younger Now' has the collaboration of the legendary Dolly Parton on the track 'Rainbowland', which only adds to the country sensation of this new album.


Somehow, Miley Cyrus reconciled with Hannah Montana as she valued both this and other stages of her life with the theme 'Younger Now'. However, that does not mean that he has forgotten all that is wrong. There is something that affects it to this day. His return to 'The Voice', which has just begun his thirteenth season, was the perfect occasion for an exaggeration in a video about his childhood. The Disney character that brought her to fame could not be missing. "When I was 13 I was filming 'Hannah Montana', so I was working," was the first thing Miley Cyrus said. That for her was the negative: the fact of having to carry such a responsibility instead of enjoying her childhood as others. "I know that Adam and everyone else will have these stories of 'oh, if I was in school, I would be in whatever it is'. I was working, "said the interpreter of 'Malibu'. He added that when he turned 13, "I just wanted to be with my brothers and sisters," but "I had a very short attention span."

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