This fitness guru reveals a great secret for those looking for a quick way to lose weight!

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Kayla Itsines is the queen of body transformations.

Your practical bikini body guide has changed to thousands of people in the world, but one of your best tips on losing weight, shared it on your Instagram.

The Australian coach took her social network and posted a message dedicated to all those who are looking for immediate results and says the fast track is not the solution.

"There is a quick way to lose weight, and there is a way to do everything ... but ... that does not mean it is the right or safe way,"  She writes in her post "You should see the whole trip you made to reach the goal and say, 'This body will earn me,' and to be proud. My clients always say that the road is always the best part and it is their greatest achievement when they look back, not the new number that appears on the scale. "


And if there is anyone who knows the ways, it's Kayla. As an instructor, you have seen people fall and derail your goals, and there is nothing wrong with that, but understanding the effort that requires seeing results and seeing how you want will make it much easier to continue.

In addition, she says that the changes that are overnight are usually also the ones that most quickly disappoint.

And although we can be impatient to begin a diet, expecting to see results after a week of healthy eating and exercise, but these changes take a long time, and are totally worth it.

Kayla closed her note with a final recommendation: "Do not look for the quick fix, seek to change your life and learn about your body." Look for the long-term result to be happy and healthy.Love your body and love you b ack!

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