This is how the new iPhone X is going to change the world!

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A few days ago we have important news from Apple. In their presentation event we could see the new iPhone X, but also the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. All of them have important news, among which we can see the wireless charge. This type of charge has taken years in the world of telephony, but now that Apple has bet on it we may see a revolution in several industries that have little to do with the telephone. Today we tell you how you can change the way you charge your mobile phone in the coming years. We already anticipate that the wireless charge of the iPhone 8 has much to do.

There's nothing like Apple betting on technology to make it trendy. We can see it with mobile payments. When Apple Pay arrived in Spain, all the shops and big stores began to be interested in this system, when it had been available for over a year with other platforms. Now the wireless load can change the way we charge the mobile, leaving aside accessories such as external batteries or car chargers.

Wireless charging in restaurants and bars

Some very important restoration chains have begun to think about complaints for users of the new iPhone 8, such as putting wireless charging stations in the months of their restaurants or bars. Can you imagine eating at a McDonald's and just letting the cell phone on the table begin to load? Well, this is one of the things we can do in a very short time.

Although in the market there are more Android devices than IOS, the latter are more important when adapting industries. We can see it with mobile payments, and soon in thousands of restaurants that will implement charging stations in bars and tables so you can charge your cell phone while having dinner or have a beer.

Public transport could also implement wireless charging

For some time now we can see how some public transport vehicles have USB sockets to charge our devices. In the AVE we have plugs for a long time, which leaves us with the possibility to charge our phone whenever we carry a cable or a complete charger.

The thing could change with the wireless load, since transports like the train or the airplane could include stations of load in the seats or in the trays that are used to eat and to support our things. At the moment this is speculation, but certainly it is something very interesting that we could end up seeing in all type of transports.

Your next car will carry a wireless charging station

For years we can charge our mobile in the car thanks to the 12V output they usually have. We only need a charger that is adapted and ready. You may not know it, but there are already some cars with wireless charging included in the market. At the moment they are few, but in the next years they will multiply. It is not really complicated to install, and just leave the mobile on top of the upholstery or inside a glove box we could be charging without cables.

These are just a few examples of how the wireless charge of the iPhone 8 could wake up several industries, as we have spent years with this technology without getting all the party it deserves.

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