This is how three people robbed more than a million to Amazon

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No, it is not that hackers have accessed servers to steal money from Amazon accounts. According to the US Department of Justice and the Petapixel website, a US man and woman perpetrated a large scam with the help of a third party requesting replacements for allegedly malfunctioning products.

These people exploited the fact that under certain conditions Amazon makes the replacement of its products before being returned the product allegedly defective. It is one of the steps taken by the e-commerce giant to overcome the reluctance to buy through the internet.

The scam came about because Amazon on certain occasions sends claims before sending a product before receiving a defective item

Once these people received the item they re-sold it to a "New York entity" through a third person of this city. In this way the items were put back to sale at a lower price than the market. To be undetected they used hundreds of fake identities on Amazon.

That's why it was not easy to find the scam. In the arrest of these two people the Indiana police, state in the resident, and the postal inspection service of the United States collaborated. Among the material they subtracted to be resold there are from Microsoft Surface tablets to GoPro cameras.

The products were put back on sale at a lower price than the market

For the three defendants, the couple who made the purchases and the reseller, the United States Attorney's Office has sought penalties of up to 20 years in prison and fines of $ 500. But the couple, who have pleaded guilty, are seeking an agreement that would pay Amazon $ 1,218,504 to avoid conviction.

Prosecutor Josh Minkler has explained that the fraud ends up having repercussions on all consumers because companies put to compensate for theft higher selling prices. This news uncovers something curious. If up until now we thought that the theft of products was associated with physical establishments, it seems that with the consolidation of digital commerce are also maturing strategies to subtract goods to companies that sell on the internet.

Two of the defendants seek an agreement with Amazon to evade a prison sentence

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