This is what happens when you stop eating meat for a week!

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There is no doubt that a diet rich in foods from plants has a wealth of benefits, but is it really necessary to leave the meat forever?

In an article for Insider, Founder of Nutrition Essence, Monica Auslander, gives us the answer to this question.

According to Auslander, when you become a vegetarian you start to win, with positive changes in the skin and energy levels. However, there are several myths about getting the meat out of your life, one of those the false idea that when you consume only vegetables and foods not from animals you will lose weight.

Here's what really happens in your body when you decide to be a vegetarian:

Your skin improves 

It is proven that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables containing Vitamin C improves the elasticity of the skin. Auslander also points to studies suggesting that cutting cold cuts can also reduce inflammation.

Your metabolism stays the same

"The metabolism is a very complicated animal," says the nutritionist. Foods that can inhibit metabolic functions, such as refined carbohydrates and processed snacks, can also be eaten on a meat-free diet, so being a vegetarian does not guarantee anything.

Your energy levels will rise

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will hydrate you more, and that automatically increases your energy levels.

You'll have brighter hair

"A diet that revolves around fruits, vegetables, and grains can improve the appearance of your hair and your nails," Monica says.

You will not lose weight (necessarily)

Deciding to be a vegetarian thinking that you will lose those extra pounds is a bad idea, since it is a common myth associated with vegetarianism. Refined carbohydrates can wreak havoc on your waist and these will be present in both vegetarian and meat diets.

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