This model teach you how to “Get the bikini body” in seconds!

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Nobody is perfect

Even so, it is difficult for many of us to be convinced that we look good when social networks are plagued with people without wrinkles, without cellulite, and without rollitos.

The presenter, model, and blogger Chessie King decided to show the truth about the photos that we commonly find on Instagram and reveal once and for all that everything is an illusion.

King, 24, is known for his fitness tips and sexy snaps, however, for a few months, he began posting pictures of his "bikini body" so that everyone will see how drastically changes depending on the angle and light, and it's only when you make the right settings that you get that flawless shot.

This girl, who admits to having struggled with her insecurities in the past, explains in her posts that no woman should create goals based on what she sees in the networks because nobody, not even an Instagram star, is free of imperfections. "I train consistently, I eat well, and I also know it's okay to take off my belly when I sit on the edge of the pool," he says honestly.

As well as the comparative photo above, King shared some photos where it illustrates the contrast between what we climb and the moments without filter that we generally erase.

Chessie wants to be honest with her 231,000 followers and let them know that you post what you want people to see, when really, you should try to upload what makes you feel good and accept all the angles of yourself. His images remind us that in the end, the beach body does not exist, and that's why we applaud it!

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