Trump arrives in Puerto Rico among critics for its response to the hurricane Maria

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US President Donald Trump arrived in Puerto Rico today (03.10.2017) to assess the response to Hurricane Maria on the island, and in full controversy over his criticism of the local authorities' management of the crisis.

Trump landed at 11.45 local time (15.45 GMT) at the Luis Muñiz air base of the National Guard, accompanied by the first lady, Melania. They were received by the governor of the island, Ricardo Rossello, his wife Beatriz and his daughter, and Trump spoke briefly with them before greeting the assembled military to welcome him. Trump, in whose entourage will be Executive Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Brock Long, is scheduled to meet with Governor Rossello, and other Puerto Rican authorities.


He will also fly on its helicopter to see some of the damage caused by Maria on the island and will meet with the military command deployed by the Pentagon to Puerto Rico to coordinate the reconstruction and assistance works to those affected, in addition to meeting in a church with people affected by the Cyclon.

The president landed on Puerto Rican soil 13 days after land touched the worst cyclone in almost 90 years. Texas and Florida traveled just four days after they were also hit by hurricanes in recent weeks.

Reviews of Trump

Several congressmen in the USA UU. and numerous people in Puerto Rico have accused Trump in recent days of not giving sufficient importance to the situation and have acted slowly in Puerto Rico, where the electrical infrastructure was destroyed and there are serious problems of access to food, fuel and water .

"I think we have done just as well in Puerto Rico (as in Texas and Florida)," Trump said just before leaving the White House today. A large part of the criticism has come because of her attacks on San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin, after she censured the optimism expressed by the interim Secretary of National Security despite the devastation suffered by the island.

Puerto Rico, with 3.4 million inhabitants, is a free State associated with the United States. Its citizens are US citizens. An amount similar to those living on the island resides in the continental United States, mainly in the states of New York and Florida.


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