[TUTORIAL] How to activate the brand NEW emojis on your phone!

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WhatsApp introduced its own new emojis, although they are only available in the beta version of Android, so we tell you how to get them on your cell phone, before they are available to all users.

The new emojis are almost identical to those used by Apple, which the messaging service previously used not only in its application for iOS, but also in its versions for Android and Windows.

To get the new emojis, the first thing you need to do is register as a beta test of WhatsApp, that is, as a tester of the beta versions of the application, through the application Google Play.

When you enter the application, you will see the option "Become a beta tester", press "participate" and you will automatically be registered as a tester.

After a few minutes, you will receive an update of the application with the latest beta, and you will have all the new features that WhatsApp is testing, including new emojis.

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