UN imposes new sanctions on North Korea for its nuclear tests

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The UN Security Council today approved a resolution with new sanctions against North Korea for the nuclear and ballistic tests it has been conducting since 2006.

The resolution, which was unanimously endorsed by the 15 members of the Council, was proposed by the United States, but until the polling station was completed the text was revised, with less drastic effects, so that it could be approved.

Initially, the United States was calling for, among other things, a ban on UN member countries selling gas, oil and refined petroleum products to North Korea, as well as a ban on buying North Korean textiles.

A later version of the text that was negotiated last weekend, on the other hand, reduced the scope of these measures since they included sections that Russia and China, with the right of veto in the council, had not seen with good eyes.

The adopted resolution establishes a ban on selling North Korea natural gas or condensate and refined petroleum products in excess of half a million barrels from October 1 and 2 million barrels from January 1, 2018, and for twelve months.

It also mandates that the quantities of oil sold to North Korea be frozen so that they do not exceed the amounts delivered during the last twelve months. It also states that North Korea will not be able to sell its textile products outside the country.

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