What every person should know before applying any makeup

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Although makeup helps us to cover imperfections and enhance our beauty, it is important that you know how to prepare and care for your skin before applying any product that enhances your features. Remember that preparing the skin is as important as makeup and the care we give the face should become a routine.

Knowing this, always keep in mind that taking care of your face is very important so that the skin does not look dull, rough and lifeless, because with this the only thing that you will achieve is that the appearance of your face is careless.

But do not worry, since good care is not synonymous with spending a lot of money on special treatments, the first thing to do is learn to choose products that help you moisturize your skin and prepare it for makeup.

Thinking about you and your pocket here we share some key steps that will help you prepare your skin before using those products with which you enhance your beauty, achieving a perfect finish and also take care of your face so that it always looks healthy and spectacular.


For cleaning it is necessary that you use a cleaning gel of your preference or a neutral soap to wash your face. This will apply to your face wet, with smooth movements and in a circular, perform this procedure for at least a minute. After this time rinse with plenty of water and dry with a towel giving little touch, because if you drag the cloth you would be mistreating your face and it is not what you want.

2.- Tone your skin

After properly cleaning the skin, you must control the fat and remove impurities that may have remained on your face, for this apply a cotton tonic. This will give you immediate freshness, will close the pores and tone your skin. But keep in mind that it is important that this product does not contain alcohol as this can dry your face.

3.- Moisturize your face

This step is very important, since if your skin is well moisturized, it will look rested and young, in addition you will make the makeup look better and have a longer life. Remember that not all skins are the same and you should choose a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. In addition you should make sure that you use a sunscreen cream, as the sun's rays can accelerate the premature aging process of your skin, and at the same time appear small stains or imperfections.

4.- Apply a Primer

After having done the above steps and before continuing with the makeup, ideally apply a primer which can come in gel or cream, this should apply throughout your face, this will help give a smooth appearance to your skin and also your makeup last longer.

So, what are you waiting for? Do not neglect your skin, follow these simple steps to take care of your face of the chemicals and beauty products, and also achieve a lasting and perfect makeup.

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