What many people don’t know when they go to a thrift shop

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Dressing with first-name clothing at an affordable price is possible thanks mainly to the rise of global resale platforms such as the US The Real Real, the French one Vestiare Collective - one of the largest and fastest growing - or more recently , the Spanish based in Barcelona, ​​NetAWear. Take as an example the canvas bags with logo that has reissued Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior for this autumn, or the classic Saddle, which have become fashionable again on the streets this season. Look for them on any of the platforms mentioned above: you will find them for much less than what one costs in Zara.

That brands such as Gucci have imposed as a new trend the vintage or firms such as Vetements have turned the clothing used in luxury garments, have only contributed to this phenomenon take a dimension never before seen even in countries traditionally so reluctant to the second hand like Spain (and that despite the success of formulas like Chicfy).

In Europe, especially in France, Germany and the UK, buying (and selling) branded clothing is as normal a practice as in the United States, one of its most important markets both online and offline, through local websites and businesses mainly in cities like New York or Los Angeles.

In Spain consumption habits are somewhat different, and is that in addition to being "badly accustomed" to the prices of the fast fashion country here there is less tradition of luxury fashion, reason why the access to high-end items is smaller and the sensitivity is therefore different. Something that is corrected thanks, especially, to this new model that allows access for the first time to the world of Hermes, Chanel or Céline to those buyers who otherwise would not have raised it because they could not afford it.

Ana Recasens, a founding partner of the NetAWear luxury clothing and accessories trading platform saw the opportunity right away. "It all started two years ago when I was living in New York. My passion led me to get involved in the fashion world despite coming from a more business profile. In my free time I loved to periodically go through second hand and vintage stores in search of "treasures".

Ana recalls that "these stores gave the option to bring your clothes and accessories and leave them in a slogan to put them on sale in exchange for a commission (quite high, by the way). There I found pages like The RealReal and Rebagg that inspired me and I started to choke the curiosity for this business model "tells us via mail. "Before returning to Spain I decided to sell some pieces. I created several PowerPoints and sent them to groups of friends there to have them resent until they found interested. It was surprising the success and acceptance he had, and that's how he unconsciously started my little test with NetAWear. "

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