What we should expect from the new season of ‘The Walking Dead’!

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The eighth season of The Walking Dead premieres in just one month-October 22 at AMC and only one day later in our country by Fox's hand and although the seventh installment was more victimized than ever by the fans' complaints, the truth is that the new episodes of zombie fiction are still among the most anticipated releases of the remainder of the year.

Although the team of the series as a whole has always argued that the rhythm of each of the seasons has always been at the service of history, the fact is that, on numerous occasions throughout these months of waiting, have been shown proud to have an eighth season in their hands that they describe as "fast" and plagued with action and intensity.

What more can we expect for this new season? Well...

More rhythm and coral plots

It seems that with this we can tell, or at least so has ensured the own 'showrunner' Scott Gimple. No more episodes focused on specific characters living their own adventure alone and that there is no trace of the others. Or at least for now. With more corals plots advancing at the same pace, the story promises to follow its path more easily, in a straight line and without so many detours. They are a team and have a common goal. At last.

More action

With the war already begun, there is no doubt: action is assured, but for asking it not to remain. Whoever is the first to move tab - Will they first attack Salvadores or Rick and company? - or free where the first battle is released, we know that Robert Kirkman's 'Total War' will not disappoint us ... And some will be charged mortal victim than another.

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