Why we don’t need 280 characters on Twitter

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From its origins, Twitter offered 140 characters per tuit, a limitation that has served to promote creativity and create its own language, but has also been an impediment to its adoption in different countries and cultures. 140 characters do not yield the same in Spanish, German, English (the original language of the founders and the service) or Japanese, where you can almost tell a story.

Twitter has just changed the limit of 140 to 280 characters to some of its users. This is an experimental measure. They focus on it as an effort to encourage the use of Twitter more actively

Aliza Rosen and Ikuhiro Ihara, product manager and software engineer respectively, explain the motivation for this change: "Trying to compress your thoughts into a tweet - it's all happened to us - can sometimes be complicated. It is curious because this is not a problem in all the languages ​​in which tweets. Both compared each other, between English and Japanese, native languages ​​of each. They discovered that sometimes she left, while he had plenty of space. In their studies they saw how in Japanese, Korean or Chinese 140 characters give a lot of each other, while in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French is forced to rethink and edit until compressing the message.

The change will be only in some profiles, but they do not specify which ones: "We want all people around the world to be able to express themselves simply on Twitter, so we're doing something new: we're going to test a 280 character those languages ​​that are affected by the need to compress ideas (which are the majority, with the exception of Japanese, Chinese and Korean). Even though it will only be available to a small group of people right now, we want to be transparent and tell you why we are so excited about this test. "

Your plan is to collect data and, if you see it working, extend it to everyone. On Twitter they are aware that any change in their community stirs up a storm of reactions: "Twitter is brevity. That's what makes it the best way to see what's going on. The tweets collect in a concise way the information or the thoughts that matter. And that is something that will never change. We understand that as many of you have been tweeting for years you may feel an emotional attachment to the 140 characters, it has also happened to us. "

Since the return of Jack Dorsey to Twitter the social network has made a large number of changes. They had to include a photo do not subtract message characters, the star to mark a tweet as a favorite by a heart, as most social networks do. With these changes they have seen how the daily use and the recurrence of the users is greater. Its latest financial results reflect a growth in daily usage of 12{87f6757ed5a2a501381e96df4c9f3a95e5041f34389cd1fe4c54dbd69b50d9cb} over the last three quarters.

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