You should never eat these foods again!

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There are many people which are saying that they live a sustainable and healthy life, but they don’t.
Because under the – at the first view – healthy products are some you should definitely not consume.
Those are as bad as the things you avoid when you try to live a healthy lifestyle. To make it easier for
you to decide what to eat and what not, I created a list of very bad foods for you.

1 Fruit smoothies

The first thing to mention is fruit smoothies which many people consume without knowing that they
are pretty bad for the human body. A fruit mix with pineapple, orange, watermelon or raspberry
isn’t approximate as good as you think. The vast amount of the fruits creates a high fructose content
in your drink which increases your blood sugar level and they have many surplus fats which make you
feel bad and think you need to get more food.

Instead of this I recommend a smoothie which is – beside a fluid – made out of chard, spinach or
broccoli. The substances in those vegetables encourage your digestion.

2 Granola bars

Another trap is granola bars. Marketing experts do everything to make the bars look like they’re
healthy, with many roughages and vitamins but instead of replacing a high carb meal you’re eating
much more carbs as before. When you look at the back of your product it’s possible to see values
which go up to 500 (kcal). This is a quarter of the daily need of the most humans.

But Instead of buying the overloaded bars you can make them by yourself. There are many good and
easy recipes on the internet so you can bake your own in just some minutes.

3 Industrial produced oils

Those can be very harmful to the body. Not just the figure but the health itself suffers under the
influence of the oils. This is a result of the high occurrence of omega-6- aliphatic acid. Because our
body never gets the chance to customize this increase we’re getting sick by many new illnesses.
To avoid this, use native olive oil to dress your salad or coconut fat to fry.

So if you watch out for this, it should be possible for you to live a much more conscious, enjoyable
and better lifestyle.

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