You won’t believe how the most beautiful girl in the world looks now!

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With only four years. Thylane Blondeau paraded for Jean Paul Gaultier. Two years after receiving a label that will accompany her in her life: she was baptized "the most beautiful girl in the world." His factions and his innocent look fell in love with the world of fashion very early age and from his life changed. It has rained a lot since then and now this French is a 16 year influence that has been seen by New York fashion week.

Since emerging to fame has carried out fashion campaigns and covers of prestigious magazines. Precisely one of those covers came with a certain controversy because it sexualized too much the girl, who is only ten years. The director of the publication had to resign because of the stir caused since the attitude of the poses poses was inappropriate.

Her Instagram account, where there are more than a million and a half followers, seems more like an adult supermodel than a 16-year-old. His fame is such that this week was sent in the front row of the Michael Kors parade in New York.

Thylane Blondeau was invited by the luxury brand and attended the event last Wednesday dressed in a long sleeve shirt, with the animal print of Michael Kors. Combined with military green tweezers, a gold choker and black heeled sandals, which have been trend this past year.

During the parade she shared the luxury seats with consecrated stars like Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts or Catherine Zeta-Jones. Fame that came at an early age and grabbing flashes. In fact it has the ability to deplete clothing in stores by simply posing with them on your Instagram.

Thylane Blondeau has matured in recent years and has managed to take advantage of its natural beauty. She is Daughter of Verónica Louro and soccer player Patrick Blondeu. He was born in 2001 in Ivory Coast, but has been created in his parents' native France.

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