You won’t believe this from the new “It” movie… Coincidence?!

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These days as far as cinematographic matter is concerned it is only talking about the premiere of the terrifying film 'It'. And is that the latest version of the film about the most feared clown of all time is being a revolution.

As it could not be less in the world of social networks is also having a lot of impact and, as is often the case, through these tools you find data of the most curious.

This is the case of the coincidence that has reflected the journalist of Bloody Disgusting, John Squires, through his Twitter account on the recent premiere of 'It'. "In the Stephen King novel, It wakes up every 27 years. 'It' premiered on television in 1990. 'It' hits theaters in 2017, 27 years later."

Shocking, right?! Well wait because there are still more. And is that, Bill Skarsgård, actor who gives life to the new Pennywise, celebrated this 2017...  27 years. So it was born just the year of the release of the original version.

Check out the trailer here! 

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