You won’t believe what Liam Payne did to one of her fans while being DRUNK!

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In recent days, Niall Horan talked about what he considers to be the worst moment with One Direction. Now it is the turn of Liam Payne, who opened on the subject and talked about a difficult stage that lived in the boyband.

The interpreter of "Strip That Down" confessed that he was not always happy in the group, because in addition, he was considered the "dad" of all, since he was the one that was used when something was needed.

"If something went wrong, I would get a call. If I needed an apology, I would give it. He was the spokesman for the band both with the press and with the label. When they put me with these guys I thought I was fucking, I do not know how this is done, "he said in an interview for Telegraph.

He also added that he regrets that he did not celebrate what he needed every achievement they achieved, because the rhythm of life they were carrying at that time was not always allowed, which made him become ... alcoholic !!!

"I went through a period of alcoholism, and sometimes things go too far. We've all been that guy at the party who's the only one who's having a good time, and often that was me. I got to weigh 83 kilos, I only ate garbage and they made jokes for my weight, and it is very affected to the head. I have nothing to hide. We were pretty irresponsible, but I got it out of me, "acknowledges Payne.

Fortunately, today the singer of One Direction is very focused and happy in his career as a soloist.

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